South Africa’s premium 2-stroke motor service centre, specialises and services manual Vespa’s, LML & Bajaj out of our Cape Town workshop.

Scoot DR also repair and service all SYM 4-stroke scooters as well as the Yamaha BWS (100cc 2-stroke)

Scoot Dr launched its New Vespa (modern 4-stroke auto) division in 2013 by employing no less than 3 (yes three!) specialist Vespa 4-stroke technicians, expanding further with the launch of our Johannesburg based commercial fleet depot and workshop in August 2014.

Furthermore, Scoot Dr offers mobile servicing for Sym delivery scooters and motorbikes as well as as Atul 3-wheeler tuk-tuks for Gauteng and Western Cape. Our specialised mobile technicians carry all the parts they need to effect mobile servicing in our Toyota Quantum and Hilux vans – even offering courtesy vehicles delivered on our custom trailers to minimise commercial down-time.

Scoot Doctor delivers various levels of services on your bikes dependent on your service interval requirements.
This includes minor servicing replacement of the spark-plug and engine oil, checking all cables, checking the electrical system, tyres, speedo, horn and brake pads/shoes and major service items such as belts and rollers, filters and elements for transmission services.

Scoot Doctor will with this once over be able to determine and advise whether you need a nip and tuck or part replaced and will always call or e-mail you to quote and obtain permission to proceed before carrying out additional work.

If, as an example, your bike is still jumping out of gear after checking and adjusting gear and clutch cables and attending to the gear selector box we will advise that it’s either the clutch bush or gear cross that needs repairing. We will also advise on the possible costs before proceeding with any surgery.

Scoot Doctor advises a 2-stroke general service every 6 months or 2,500 km’s to avoid those nasty and potentially costly surprises, coughs, seizes and blockages that without a medical, er scooter plan can be costly.
Remember now, keep it real, fasten your straps and don’t forget the 2% oil to petrol mix!